Nikhil Gadia

Distressed Investing Panel

Nikhil Gadia is a 1st year MBA student at Wharton. Before coming to Wharton, Nikhil worked for Watershed Asset Management, a San Francisco based hedge fund, where he invested in various fixed income and equity securities, private placements, direct investments, and other opportunities that were inefficiently held or financed, undergoing change, or in which the investment risk was misunderstood and therefore mispriced. Prior to joining Watershed, he was an analyst in the Mergers & Acquisitions group at UBS Investment Bank in New York. Nikhil’s extracurricular interests include investing, English Premier League soccer, cash no-limit poker and debating global politics and economics. Nikhil is currently a fund fellow for the Wharton Investment Management Fund, a $500k small-cap value investment fund.

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